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ep 18. Why Video Is SO Crucial + CHALLENGE

TUNE IN : Apple | Google | Spotify | Stitcher Instagram and Facebook are trying to compete with the giant, YouTube. Therefor to reward those who are creating videos they get a much higher reach than other types of media. The great thing about longer videos is that it keeps you on their platform longer. […]

ep 18. Why Video Is SO Crucial + CHALLENGE
ep 18. Why Video Is SO Crucial + CHALLENGE
ep 18. Why Video Is SO Crucial + CHALLENGE
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TUNE IN : Apple | Google | Spotify | Stitcher

Instagram and Facebook are trying to compete with the giant, YouTube.

Therefor to reward those who are creating videos they get a much higher reach than other types of media.

The great thing about longer videos is that it keeps you on their platform longer. Social media companies want long platform length times. So therefor they favor longer videos.

CHALLENGE: This week, I want you to create 1 IG story video, 1 Feed post video, 1 IG TV video (a bit longer), and if you’re real brave go live!!

Not every type of format will work for you or your audience but you never know until you try. I will never say do this for your niche, because it truly is can be different for every niche. Which is why I always say, test and look at data.


40% of people watch IG Stories on silent mode, and 85% of facebook users watch on silent. So, basically if you aren’t using captions on videos, you’re missing out on about half of your audience.

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Complete Episode Transcript:

Erica James 0:07
Hey there, welcome to The Daily influencers podcast. My name is Erica Marie Daily, former marketer and brand manager, turned your influencer marketing coach, on this podcast we help both influencers and brands, maximize their collaboration, grow on social media make more money and waste less time. Speaking of which-

Erica James 0:30
let’s jump right into today’s episode. Alright, so video content is going to be the best way for you guys to grow. And if you are not utilizing video, you are leaving so much on the table. So I want to give you guys some information on why it is so important and the things that you guys can do. So I always use the example of texting versus phone calls. Have you ever sent a text message to somebody and they completely took it the wrong way. And it’s really because they can’t hear your tone of voice. They can’t tell the context behind why you’re sending that. And if they have preconceived ideas, that’s just what’s going to be your text message. The same goes for video, it’s very similar to a text conversation. So when you get on video, people can really start to connect with you, they can see your personality, and you quickly start to grow this online relationship with people that watch videos of you, and you almost become their friend. I know personally, I have a ton of influencers that I follow, and they’re always on their videos. And if they like miss a day of posting, I’m like sad, I’m like, Where’s my friend is everything okay? And I literally feel like I’m their best friend. And they don’t even know that I exist. So it’s pretty funny. But it just think about the people that you follow, and the ones that you feel like you could be best friends with. And I guarantee you, they are on video all the time. And that is why you feel like you have this, like friendship with them. So the stronger relationships that you can grow with people in your audience, the more that they’re going to advocate for you, they’re going to share your content, they’re going to tell people to follow you. I know one of my favorite bloggers. She’s the rambling redhead. She’s so funny, I send her profile and her posts to people all the time. And I’m like, if you guys aren’t following her, you’re missing out. She’s just so funny. And she’s always on video. But these are also going to be the people that are going to buy from you. I know I have a lot of people on here that are entrepreneurs that are selling their own things, and have a lot of influencers on here who are selling products for other businesses. And something I always preach to my influencers is that it’s great that you’re getting brand deals. But if you can’t sell the product for the brand, then you’re not doing your job. So this is very important for all of you guys to make sure that you are doing. And then again, just on that same note for sponsored posts when you come on video and talk about a product or service, or brand or blog post or whatever. People can really hear your excitement. They can feel your energy, they can see your smile. But when you are on video, you’re really pulling people in. Now I always give this example I had these actually I have one right now. These little clear scrunchie headbands, right? I got them in the mail. And I honestly had been really worried about getting them everyone was using and I was like they look weird. They look like they’re gonna pull your hair. So I tried it. And I went on video and I was like, Oh my gosh, you guys, these are amazing. I was weird to use them because this is what I thought they’re going to be. This is what they do. And then even later on, I was on video like oh my gosh, you guys look at the, you know, volume in my ponytail. You know, imagine me doing that on a fee post and it’s just me holding up the hair ties. But the same exact caption of everything I said in the video, you’re not going to feel my excitement hear me saying like, Oh my gosh, you guys, these are freakin amazing. It’s so different. So I really encourage you guys, especially for sponsored posts to get on video and talk about the products. And also, you know, of course, you can throw in some caption photo posts into your feed. But what my whole point is, is don’t sleep on video. So I know video can be scary. But the great thing is everything besides a live video, you can record as many times as you need, you can edit out any mess ups, and you can really practice so don’t worry about it. And then but protip to that because I did say practice, don’t over rehearse it or sound super rehearsed. I always tell people just come on video and chop chat or talk like you’re talking to your best friend. That is the best way to sound more natural. So like if I’m going to come on and talk about a product like my phone, I’m gonna be like, talking like it would tell my best friend like you need to get this phone the cameras amazing. I love the quality, whatever the case. So Instagram and Facebook are trying to compete with the giant, which is YouTube. YouTube is still the biggest social platform. It’s technically actually a search engine. But they are trying to get people off of YouTube and

onto their own platforms because every platform wants to have the most users and the most user time on platform. So they are really rewarding people who are creating videos. So what does that mean for you, you guys, I really want you to Keep track of the things that Facebook and Instagram or whatever platform is your main platform, the things that they’re trying to do and have their users do for them. Because the people that do that are going to get rewarded. So you’re going to have a lot bigger reach, meaning they’re going to show that video content to more people, you’re going to then get more engagement, more people are going to see it, it’s better for you, it’s better for your brand collabs. And it’s going to create that snowball effect, because the more engagement you get, the more the algorithm picks up that this is a really good post, and they’re going to show it to more people. And that snowball just keeps on rolling. So the great thing about longer videos too, especially is it keeps people on their platform longer. Remember I talked about this platforms want people on their platform very long. So social media companies are also favoring videos that are a little bit longer. So make sure you guys also dabble in some longer videos, I will say they really love live videos. So if you don’t have that fear of live, try out a live and just see how it goes. But Facebook itself like you don’t have to believe me, they actually noted that video content drives higher engagement and interactions from users compared to any other type of content on the platform. So something else to think about if you’re going to be running ads, video ads perform so well. I know all of the ads that I’ve ran in the last couple months, I actually do story video ads, and they perform so well. So definitely make sure you guys are utilizing video in all the different ways that you can. I want to challenge you guys this week, I want you to create one Igy story video, one feed post video, one igtv video, which is just a little bit longer. And if you’re really brave, I want you guys to go live, just test it out. I know that not every type of format is going to work for you, it might not work for your audience. But you never know until you try maybe igt videos igtv tongue twister videos are going to blow up for you. And they’re amazing. And you would have never known unless you tried, I will never tell you guys that this is going to work. Because things are different for every single person. And things are different for every single niche. And things are different for every person in your audience. So what I always tell people is test, look at the data, and then do what ever is working best for you whether that’s best for your audience, or best for like how you physically feel about like making that type of content. If you hate video, and you just absolutely don’t want to do it, don’t do it. I don’t want you guys, you know, procrastinating because you like hate doing it and then you just don’t do anything. So just test it out though and see how it feels. See how your audience like it likes it. And check out the data. Okay, last thing, and this one is really, really important. Make sure that you guys use captions, when ever possible on video, whether it’s on your feed, or on your stories. Now I know there’s no way really to add this in, there are apps that can do it, most of them are paid. I actually self type up all of the captions on my stories. But here’s some stats that are really important. 40% of people watch Igy stories on silent mode 85% of Facebook users watch on silent. And I actually did a poll on my own Igy stories and asked my audience and 88% people said they watched stories on silence sometimes. So basically, if you aren’t using captions on videos, you’re missing out on about half of your audience. But the one thing I really want you guys to realize is that is really important to the algorithm. So the algorithm again, is always looking at your interaction, your audience’s interactions with your content. Now, if you’re watching a story on silent posts, gonna swipe to the next person, or you’re just going to click fast through it. And that’s telling the algorithm that your content is not good. And what does that mean? That means they’re going to show it to less people, and less people overall are going to see it and then even that 40% they’re never going to hear your message. So it’s almost pointless to post a video, especially if it’s an important one, if you’re not putting captions on it. So I hope that with all of that information, you guys really

understand why video is so important. And I forgot to mention reels. So again, for the challenge, I want you guys to try out every single type of video content on the platform that you’re on. Now, I always say Instagram because most brands want to work with people on Instagram. But if you’re really big on a different platform, try the video on that platform too. So I want you guys to do an igtv I want you to do a feed video, I want you to do an Instagram Live. I want you to go on video on your stories. And I want you guys to try out a real test them out. Look at the data see how it goes. See how your audience likes it. You can even pull them after be like Hey, did you guys like this type of content and see what they say? You don’t know until you try. That’s something I really want to drive home with all of you guys. The data shows how important it is to do it in the first place. We have the data from Instagram we have the data from Facebook, so we know it’s imminent. And now I want you guys to see how well it works for your audience and just try it out. It’s not as scary as you think if you haven’t done video I know I’ve talked to a lot of you guys this week that are like, I know I need to be on video, but I’m just scared of it. Don’t be scared. The great thing about all of these types of content will besides live is that you can delete it if you mess up and start over before you post it. So get on video, tag me in your videos, I want to see what you guys are doing. And if you want I can give you my feedback, but just do it. Alright, guys. Thank you so much for listening. If you liked what you heard, it goes a long way if you could take 30 seconds and leave me a five star review and share this podcast with your friends. All right, you guys. I’ll see you on the next episode.

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