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ep 16. Breaking Through Your Next Level Of Success -w/ Lauren Turton

TUNE IN : Apple | Google | Spotify | Stitcher Today I have the absolute pleasure of interviewing Lauren Turton. She is not only an amazing business coach for female entrepreneurs, but she was also one of my students! Did you guys know that 57% of American women dream to be an entrepreneur, and Lauren […]

ep 16. Breaking Through Your Next Level Of Success -w/ Lauren Turton
ep 16. Breaking Through Your Next Level Of Success -w/ Lauren Turton
ep 16. Breaking Through Your Next Level Of Success -w/ Lauren Turton
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TUNE IN : Apple | Google | Spotify | Stitcher

Today I have the absolute pleasure of interviewing Lauren Turton.

She is not only an amazing business coach for female entrepreneurs, but she was also one of my students!

Did you guys know that 57% of American women dream to be an entrepreneur, and Lauren really wants to help that 57% start their own online based business. She’s helped countless women who have felt stuck in their careers, create an online offer so that they can start their own business and break through to their next level of success.

Lauren’s going to share some tips and strategies on how to break through to your next level of success, so that you can live the life you desire and deserve. So let’s jump right into the interview.


Rapid Fire Questions:

  • Where are you from?
  • What is your favorite quote?
  • Every wednesday I have my students share their win of the week, so I would love for you to share one of your wins with us!

(2:42) First I would love for you to share a little bit about yourself and your business.

(4:05) What is the first step in breaking through to your next level of success?

(6:18) A lot of the influencers I talked to – the major limiting belief that I see is, there’s already too many people doing it, or I’m not big enough. What would you say to them with that specific one?

(7:27) Why is it important to identify limiting beliefs and where they come from?

(10:34) Top 3 tips you’d give those who want to breakthrough to their next level of success?

(17:32) How do you manage so many projects?  Plan for tomorrow, today. Reflect and project.

You were one of my students so I would love for you to share 2 things:

(20:19) 1. How was your experience in our courses and

(21:17) 2. How has social media impacted your business? Because being an influencer on social media isn’t just about promoting other people’s products, it can also be about promoting your own.

(23:34) Top 3 books you recommend for our audience to check out.

Links Mentioned:

FREE & Fast Enneagram Test: https://enneagramtest.net/

Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza:

The Psychedelic Gospels by Jerry B. Brown and Julie M. Brown:

A Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron Gikandi:

Laurens free trainings every Wednesday at 1 pm PST, register at: Join.LaurenTurton.com

To buy Soul Career Clarity: bit.ly/SCCPaperbackbit.ly/SCCKindle

To buy Soul Career Clarity Journal: bit.ly/SCCJournal

Land The Brand$ Masterclass: https://www.landthebrands.com/masterclass

Land The Brand$ Course: https://www.landthebrands.com/info

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Complete Episode Transcript:

Erica James 0:07
Hey there, welcome to The Daily influencers podcast My name is Erica Marie Daily, former marketer and brand manager, turned your influencer marketing coach. On this podcast we help both influencers and brands, maximize their collaboration, grow on social media make more money and waste less time. Speaking of which, let’s jump right into today’s episode.

Today I have the absolute pleasure of interviewing Lauren Turton. She is not only an amazing business coach for female entrepreneurs, but she was also one of my students. Now, did you guys know that 57% of American women dream to be an entrepreneur, and Lauren really wants to help that 57% start their own online based business. Now she’s helped countless women who have felt stuck in their careers, create an online offer so that they can start their own business and break through to their next level of success. So today, Lauren’s going to share some tips and strategies on how to break through to your next level of success, so that you can live the life you desire and deserve. So let’s jump right into the interview. Lauren, thank you so much for coming on with us today. I’m going to start the podcast, interview off with some rapid fire questions just so we can get to know you and kind of get things rolling. So the first question is, where are you from?

I’m originally from the suburbs

Lauren Turton 1:34
of Dayton, Ohio. And I also grew up in West Virginia, because when I was eight years old, my parents became whitewater rafting, guys.

Erica James 1:42
Oh my gosh, that sounds so fun. Okay, and what is your favorite quote?

Unknown Speaker 1:47
My favorite quote is from Deepak Chopra.

Lauren Turton 1:50
When mind, body and spirit are in harmony, happiness is the natural result.

Erica James 1:55
Ooh, I like that. Every Wednesday, I have my students share a win of the week. And I know today’s Thursday, but I would love for you to share one of your wins with us.

Lauren Turton 2:04
So one of my wins this week is the release of my books or career clarity that came out on Amazon this week in Kindle and paperback format. So I’m

Unknown Speaker 2:14
very excited about this. And it’s a huge win for me

Erica James 2:17
of that is so cool. I know. I got it, and I need to read it.

Unknown Speaker 2:20
It’s on my list. Thank you for purchasing.

Unknown Speaker 2:23
Yeah, I’m

Erica James 2:23
so excited. I had a few friends who just did that. And I’m like, you guys are goals. I need to get a book. Um, okay, so now I just want to for you to share a little bit more about yourself and your business. And really, you know more about you just so the readers can get to know or the listeners can get to know you.

Lauren Turton 2:42
Okay, so my name is Lauren Burton, and I work with women in their 30s, who feel stuck or overwhelmed in their current career situations. And I help them build online based businesses so they can break through to their next level of success. I love that a partner at Cha Cha piadina, which is a new Italian restaurant that’s going to be opening up in the foyer, hopefully around the holidays. And for that project, I’m handling the branding. Marketing is a design.

Erica James 3:11
That’s so cool. And it’s like what kind of food is it? I’m curious. So

Lauren Turton 3:14
pudina is a Italian flatbread that’s been filled with Italian meats and cheeses and local fresh brewed produce. So we’re bringing a new food item to San Diego, we partnered with the guys that own ambrogio 15, which some of your listeners might be familiar with. It’s a really popular Milan style pizza place located in North TV, we have a location A Little Italy and opening another one in Del Mar.

Erica James 3:40
Wow, that’s so cool. I’m definitely gonna have to stop by because we are in the same city. And that sounds delicious. Okay, so and you talked about kind of getting people to break through that next level of success. And I know, you know, just in my career and life, I feel like even I have these issues and you know, these limiting beliefs. And so I’m curious, you know, kind of how do you work people through really breaking through to that next level?

Lauren Turton 4:05
So first of all, with limiting beliefs, it’s recognizing the limiting beliefs. That’s the first step. And then from there, having a conversation with the limiting belief, not just ignoring it or passing it by because it’s going to keep popping up, do it, do that. But if you actually have a conversation with that limiting belief, Hi, Mr. limiting belief showed up today. Thank you for being here, because you’re an opportunity for me to grow as a person. But although I might think you’re true, and other people have said it, this is not true. What you’re saying does not want no longer serves me, I’m going to release you. So having that conversation with the limiting belief in

Unknown Speaker 4:45

Lauren Turton 4:46
telling yourself what is actually true of belief that serves you to replace the limiting beliefs. That’s how you tackle them. And then once you get through those limiting beliefs, you’re able to do anything Because there’s nothing stopping you. Because anytime, anything stopping you, it’s just your mindset.

Erica James 5:06
Yeah, I love that. It’s funny because I randomly recently came up with one that I feel like I realized I had, which is so weird. I don’t even know where I got this. But I felt like men had an easier time being successful, or men were more successful than women. And I was trying to break it down. And I realized that it was because I thought men were like, more risk takers and more like assertive, I guess, then like, women are maybe how I see myself. And, you know, the when when I realized that I was able to think about, okay, well, that just means I think I maybe should be a little bit more assertive or take some more risks. And so I was able to kind of do that for myself. And like you said, I turned that limiting belief into almost more of a belief that I can become that too, which is really cool.

Lauren Turton 5:54
Exactly. Like you said, You got down to the root of it. Like, why is it? Oh, this actually means and then you’re able to flip the script?

Erica James 6:01
Yeah, totally. That’s great. And I know, like, a lot of the influencers I talked to, I would say one of their limiting beliefs is like, the major one that I see is, there’s already too many people doing it, or I’m not big enough. What would you say to them with that specific one.

Lauren Turton 6:18
I also used to feel that way, there are so many people out there that do what I do help people create online programs. But what you have to realize is that your future clients want to work with you specifically. And they want to work with you because of who you are. And also you have your own unique process that you’re going to take your clients through. So don’t be worried about the marketplace being saturated, use that for market research. And then just go ahead and launch your offer whatever it is, just start putting yourself out there. And you’ll realize that you’re going to attract the right people.

Erica James 6:54
Absolutely. I say that all the time, too. And you know, I have people that say, Well, I’m not like the other fashion bloggers. And I’m like, thank goodness, because there’s already too many that are doing the same exact thing. And while you think that you’re not going to attract people you are because there’s people that are out there just like you that have that same unique way of looking at fashion. And so just being you is the best thing you can do. So I love that. And what would you say

Unknown Speaker 7:20

Erica James 7:22
why is it so important to identify the limiting beliefs and where they come from?

Lauren Turton 7:27
I think it’s important to identify where they come from, because otherwise you don’t know what the source is. And like we said earlier, you were able to find the source of the limiting belief. And you were able to then flip the script because you actually knew where it came from. I know for me, I used to have limiting beliefs about myself where I thought I was directionless, and I wasn’t good enough. And I had no plan for the future. And the reason why is because I’m a five time college dropout. And during that timeframe in my life, I would hear from other people, you have no direction you don’t know what you’re doing. And that got instilled in me. And it lasted for almost a decade, you guys, I believe that for almost a decade. And it wasn’t until I got to the source of why do I believe that I have a future or I have a direction? or Why don’t I believe that I’m good enough. And I realized it’s because other people were saying this to me. And then I believed it to be true. Once I broke it down, I was able to talk back to the limiting belief and then change the belief into one that serves a better purpose for me.

Erica James 8:34
Yeah, I think that’s great, too. Because I think so often when you’re doing something that’s a little different, you know, for me, starting my business, my dad still tells me When are you going to get a job? And I’m like, what, I have a job, I work for myself, I make great money, and you’re not paying my bills. So why are you worried about it? But same thing I feel like with influencers, which a lot of you know, people listening are his, you know, people that aren’t influencers, they have a lot to say about the industry. And you know, coming from somebody who writes the checks to influencers, people are making a lot of money. And so I think it’s important to

Unknown Speaker 9:05
kind of

Erica James 9:06
make sure you’re not listening to what people are saying about you or what you want to do that aren’t in that because they just have no idea. And I’m sure that’s

Lauren Turton 9:14
exactly what happened to you. And exactly going along with that as make sure that you surround yourself with people who have a common goal issue. It’s so important. And it can be difficult because your friends and family, they are going to say things about you. They can’t relate to what you’re going through. So they’re talking about a fear about themselves, not about you, when they say that stuff to you. They don’t know what it’s like to do to be an entrepreneur to be an influencer. And so those things that they say it’s just what they think about themselves. It’s actually not about you. So it is so important to surround yourself with people who are on a similar journey as you so that you can talk about the process that you’re going through any strategies that they’re also implementing, and to really have a network But you can lean on in the times of doubt, or insecurities or fears.

Erica James 10:04
Absolutely. I completely agree. And I know for me, like working with coaches and being part of programs, and even just like communities has been such like a godsend for me, because, you know, you can go to people and be like, Man, you know, I had a hard day today because of this, and they get it. Whereas to the people that aren’t in it, they’re like, well, maybe you shouldn’t do it. And you’re like,

Unknown Speaker 10:24

Erica James 10:26
totally. Yeah, I love that. So what are three tips that you would give those who want to break through to their next level of success?

Lauren Turton 10:34
So tip number one, I think it’s really, really important to align with a mentor or a coach or an expert that is doing what you want to do. And they’re helping people do that they’re taking them from point A to point B, and it’s the destination that you want to go to. So I think it’s really important to align with the right person to help you break through to your next level of success, because it is the long journey if you do it on your own. And I know what comes up right now, a lot of people think, well, I don’t have the money to invest, I don’t. And I know that can be difficult in times of you know, financial hardships, but even if you dive into people’s free trainings, following their posts, just absorbing everything that you can from them, it’s going to help you tremendously.

Erica James 11:21
Absolutely, I completely agree with those statements.

Lauren Turton 11:25
And for tip number two, I think it’s really, really important to get down to the root cause of your why why do you want to break through your next level of success? What is your driving factor, what fuels you what’s going to make you want to get up out of bed every single day as you pursue this, because again, it can be difficult, it can be lonely. So if you have that driving factor behind all of this is going to propel you forward. So much better than if you were just doing something to do something.

Erica James 11:56
Yeah, I love that. I think you know, people talk about know your why and know all of that stuff. And I think that’s really important. Something else that I’ve been talking to a lot of people about recently is the inia. Graham, are you familiar with those? You are okay, it’s a really cool test. It’s kind of like a personality test. But you figure out your driving force for everything. And I just found out that mine is like success, which is, can be a good thing and a bad thing, because I put a lot of my like value and confidence in how successful I am or how much I’m achieving. And so I was curious if you had any thoughts about that, just like when you can understand your driving force for everything you do, you can really figure out okay, how, what’s the best way for me to attack this?

Lauren Turton 12:38
I know for me, in order to find my driving force and what fuels me and drives me as I had to do something extreme outside of my comfort zone. And I had the opportunity to travel to southern India and volunteer at an orphanage and so many incredible things happened while I was there. But there was one incident in particular that at the moment it happened I knew, okay, this is why this is why you’re here on Earth. I had met a young lady, her name is Nandita. And she had a virus attack respond when she was nine years old. She was able bodied before and then a virus attack her spine. And she went into a deep depression, her body was basically crumbled. And she lived in her bed for years in a deep depression. And she had started working with a physical therapist at the orphanage linked her up with and she had gotten to the point where she built up her muscles where she could start using them again. So when I met her, she was in a wheelchair, her mother was showing me pictures that she had painted, which Think about it, she had to re learn to use her hands. And now she’s painting these beautiful pictures. And as I left her house, we were driving down the winding dirt road that led to the main road and looked over at her neighbor’s vehicle and one of the license plates at 7777. And a voice said to me, your purpose in life is to give back and serve others starting with Nandita. And at that moment, I knew this is your driving factor. This is your force in life. It changed so much in my life. And it is what gets me up out of bed every day. I know if I’m having a hard day and I can’t do it in a writer. I’m feeling overwhelmed. I just think about Nandita and I’m like Nandita can do it. I can do it. I’ve got to move forward in my life to help her move forward in her life.

Erica James 14:24
Yeah, that’s such a cool story gave me chills. So you’re saying that and it’s so interesting how sometimes it takes like seeing something that makes you realize how you know good you have it or you know, I’m not really sure how I’m trying to say it but you know what I mean? Where you can see somebody else’s situation and all of a sudden it just clicks for you in your own life and you’re like, this is the perfect example.

Lauren Turton 14:47
Because I did something so extremely outside of my comfort zone and I know right now traveling and volunteering isn’t available to us but there’s other things you can do that will get you out of your comfort zone, even something thing as simple as going to pick up trash. Yeah, especially on the day of trash pickup day, there’s so much trash flying around the neighborhood after the trash trucks come through, you guys, I’ve done this before. And the people that I’ve met in my neighborhood along the way, there’s been connections that have happened, that wouldn’t have happened, I wouldn’t have done that. So think of things in that way. Just push yourself outside of your boundaries, and there’s going to be things that come up.

Erica James 15:25
Oh, yeah, actually, you just reminded me, I went and did a we fed, like the homeless with the church, and just talking to everyone that came through, you know, you, people, especially in San Diego have like these ideas about the homeless community. And they can, at times, you know, be kind of frustrating, you know, when they’re yelling outside at night, and you’re trying to sleep and it’s sad, but then you go to these things, and you talk to these people, and they had the most incredible stories. And like, I learned so much from them in that few hours that I was there, it was amazing, like, I got more out of it than even I probably thought that they got out of it with us just being there. So such a cool experience. And you know, not something you do every day, and it is kind of out of your comfort zone, I can be really shy sometimes. So to go there and talk to all these people I don’t know, definitely was out of my comfort zone. But I learned a lot. So I love that idea. And then what would be your third tip. So

Lauren Turton 16:18
tip number three to break through to your next level of success is to actually plan it out, put an action plan behind whatever it is you’re working towards. And I think this is the part that people forget to do. It’s so important, because if you say, I’m going to start my own business,

Unknown Speaker 16:37
and then the next

Lauren Turton 16:38
week, I’m gonna start my own business. And then the next week, I’m gonna start my own business, I see how it can just keep going going and going and what actual plan behind it. So put an action plan behind your goals. And with that also put timeframes on it. Alright, by next Wednesday, I’m going to figure out filing my LLC by next Friday, I’m going to open up a business bank account, put dates and times on it, so that you can hold yourself accountable for what you’re going towards.

Erica James 17:04
Yeah, I love that. And so true. Cuz you could, I mean, there’s a million things that I can do in a day where I start seeing like, my big goals slip away, because I’m answering emails, posting on social media. And it’s like, you got to give yourself those deadlines. I love that. And so, you know, we were kind of talking about this before we got started. But I know you have a lot of projects, I feel like I’m taking on way too much all the time. So how do you manage and really juggle multiple projects.

Lauren Turton 17:32
So I manage my projects with time blocking, and three most important tasks. And then the software I use, the software’s I use to keep organized are clickup and workflowy. So with time blocking, exactly that you’re going to block out time in your day to work on certain projects, you’re going to put away all distractions, and you’re just going to focus on that task at hand until the time is up. They have these great little blocks you can get on Amazon, they have the numbers like 1530 4560, and they’ll be a timer there for you. And I suggest investing in that because it’s not your phone, you set the timer on your phone at that phone’s gonna be looking at you. And you can see any notifications that pop up. So the time block is really helpful for time blocking. And then three, MIT is your three most important tasks, you’re going to start planning for today. Tomorrow, I want you all to start planning for your next day, the day before, take 15 minutes at the end of your day, and look at the day ahead and pick out your three most important tasks are going to put them at the top of the list for the next day. And that’s going to be what you tackle first. And then from there, you can go into your secondary, and then your next round of tasks. And all this organized. If you haven’t looked at workflowy or click up, I highly suggest you looking at these software’s click up is a really great project management platform. And you can use it with team members and you can like put it into different sections. It’s amazing. And then workflowy is like a list building software. Just put all your to do lists on workflowy power through them. And they even have like a digital like line that you can off through them. So you can still see everything you’ve accomplished.

Erica James 19:20
That’s cool. I love that I’m such a list person, I’ll make lists on paper on my computer, like all the same list. But I definitely that’s one thing I could get better at. And so I think that’s really important, especially for what both you and I do you know, with people that want to start a side business or become a coach or become an influencer, they’re probably working a job right now they might not be able to leave it right away. So to get in those hours to hit their milestones that they’re making. It’s really important to time block and really set aside you know, completely focused time. So I think those are two great tips and I will definitely link those both in the description. Another question since you were one of my students, I’d love for you to share two things. Number one, how your experience was working in our courses. And then how has social media impacted your business because I know a lot of people think being an influencer is just for promoting other people’s products. But it can also be such a benefit to promote your own products or, you know, anything that you’re working on as well.

Lauren Turton 20:19
Erica, your courses are unbelievable. And for the price point, you get so much more value. It’s amazing what you teach your students. So if any of you are out investing with working with Eric, I highly recommend it, I have learned so many strategies from you. The next one I’m going to start implementing is pitching brands. Yes. And I’m really excited to move forward with that I have my list of brands that I want to pitch and I’m, I’m ready to start that process.

Erica James 20:50
Even those two that you just talked about the software, it’s like it’d be such a great way to see, incorporate it right into your business. I’m like, Girl, we can start game planning right now. I’m excited for you. I definitely you’re gonna be great at doing that. So I’m excited

Unknown Speaker 21:05

Erica James 21:06
the second one was, how has social media impacted your business on like, not just being an influencer, but like, you know, influencing for your own business and your own products.

Lauren Turton 21:17
Social media has impacted my business in a way that I can’t describe. It was about three years ago that a friend younger than me, told me to start posting Instagram stories. And I told her like, no, why would I do that? People don’t care that much about my life. I’m not that interesting. What’s the point? And I was blown away at the responses I would get that people care about, they really care about your life. If you start sharing your story on social media, it’s going to impact other people, it’s going to help them. And like you said, it being an influencer is so much more than just selling other people’s products. Yeah, you have your own program, or course or product, you’re able to leverage social media for sales for your own brand. It’s unbelievable.

Erica James 22:10
Yeah. And I think it’s important to note too, that like, you know, if you don’t have to have a huge following in order to impact that many people, because if every single person in your audience, and not every single person has to be but you know, if you’re really staying in your zone of genius and attracting the right people, almost everyone that’s listening to you is going to be your potential client. So I know that the other

Lauren Turton 22:35
thing too when people think about numbers, because I at this moment, I have around 8000 followers. So I know other people will have said to me, Well, you don’t even have 10 k followers. Who cares how many you have? Think of the number of followers you have if they were in a room with you? Yes. That’s a lot of people. Even if you just have one follower, that’s one person that you’re able to impact and influence. Yeah, so really don’t look at your numbers. In that sense. Look at it in. Wow, I have 500 people who follow me This is amazing.

Unknown Speaker 23:11

Erica James 23:12
absolutely. I completely agree with that. And every single person matters. I always get people that say, Well, I’m not an influencer yet. I only have this many followers. And I’m like, if you have one follower, you are an influencer. You can make them you can influence that person. So I love that. And I know you read a lot of great books. So what would be your top three books that you would recommend my audience check out.

Lauren Turton 23:34
So a really great book that I’m about halfway through but it’s so good that it’s on my top three list right now. It’s called a happy Pocket full of money. And the author is David Cameron, good Conde, gi K and di and the reason why I really like this book is because it’s fun topics that I think a lot of us are familiar with law of attraction manifestation, but the way he breaks it down is very tactical. And I like his approach to those topics. Another book that has rocked my world and changed my life is becoming supernatural by Dr. Joe dispenza. Unbelievable and then my third favorite book right now is a little bit not on the business side, but I want to mention it because it has been really eye opening for me and it’s called the psychedelic Gospels. Oh out mushrooms in old Christian and Muslim and Hindu and Buddhist paintings and artwork. Interesting. So it’s a very eye opening book to read. So if that piques your curiosity, I would check that out. Are you

Erica James 24:47
Yeah, does it talk about like them using it to like figure things out? Okay. I’ve had you know, there’s a lot of talk about like Iowa SCA and all those things. And I’m always really curious because it makes a lot of sense in like you said, you do see it, you know, in olden times, I mean, all kinds of different things. They shown that they used to use these things. So I’m always curious, like, there must be a reason. So I definitely have to check that out. Yeah. And I’ll link all the books in the description for everyone. And then last but not least, you have anything that you can give my audience, I know you do free weekly trainings, but I would love for them to be able to tap into more of what you’re doing. Thank you, Erica.

Lauren Turton 25:27
So I do free weekly trainings every Wednesday at 1pm. Pacific Standard Time. And I would love to invite you all to join this free group, you can join by going to join dot Lauren turton.com. And in this group, I also have guest speakers. Erica, I would love to have you come

Unknown Speaker 25:46
Yeah. And that’s a great

Lauren Turton 25:48
thing. So I bring in experts to speak about topics that’s in their zone of genius on the first Wednesday of every month, and then in the other weeks, I do trainings on things that are going on with starting your own business, your mindset, overcoming limiting beliefs. So I would love for all of you to join me.

Erica James 26:06
Awesome. Yeah. And I will link that and we’ll put a link to your book as well. And any other resources? And what is your Instagram handle just so people can quickly type it in if they want to?

Lauren Turton 26:16
Lauren, turn Liu Aryan to you are to him.

Erica James 26:20
Awesome. Cool. Well, I think that’s all the questions that we had prepared. But is there anything else that you would love to leave everyone with maybe like one big idea that they can really take with them.

Lauren Turton 26:32
So I want all of you to launch, I want you to just do it. And don’t think of anything that’s coming up limiting belief wise? Well, I’m not good enough. All that stuff. No, just

Unknown Speaker 26:46
put it out there, just do it.

Lauren Turton 26:48
Because you’re going to launch and then optimize, you need to get audience driven feedback on whatever it is you’re launching. So just put it out there. engage with people, enroll them into your offer your program, whatever it is, and then optimize from there. But just do it, get it out there. It’s better to fail forward. And to not do it at all.

Erica James 27:09
Absolutely. I heard someone say recently that the only way to success is failure. And if you stop at failure, you’ll never get to success. And I was like that’s such a good point.

Lauren Turton 27:19
Exactly. Even with my book that I just released. So career clarity, guys. There are spelling mistakes, there are grammar mistakes, there are so many errors in this book.

Unknown Speaker 27:29
And I don’t care because it’s out there.

Unknown Speaker 27:32
And it’s a learning experience as well. The next book that I write

Unknown Speaker 27:35
will be even better, but I

Lauren Turton 27:37
got this first book out there. And if I would have waited till it was perfect, it would have never been released.

Erica James 27:43
Yeah, absolutely. I love that. I think that’s a great note to leave it on. So thank you so much for coming on today. And I am excited for everyone to get to know you more.

Unknown Speaker 27:52
Thank you so much, Erica.

Erica James 27:56
Thank you so much for listening. If you liked what you heard, it goes a long way if you could take 30 seconds and leave me a five star review and share this podcast with your friends. Alright you guys. I’ll see you on the next episode.

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