How to Pitch Brands for Collaborations During Covid-19 |

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How to Pitch Brands for Collaborations During Covid-19

I’ll be the first to tell you — Brands need YOU (Influencers) now, more than ever.

How to Pitch Brands for Collaborations During Covid-19
How to Pitch Brands for Collaborations During Covid-19
How to Pitch Brands for Collaborations During Covid-19
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(Pt. 3 of the series)

I’ve talked to a lot of influencers over the past few weeks and a lot of you feel like it’s not the time to pitch a brands, or that it’s not going to work, and that you need to just pause on pitching brands. WRONG!

I’ll be the first to tell you — Brands need YOU (Influencers) now, more than ever. You are actually doing them (and yourself) a disservice by not continuing to pitch them.

BUT, we need pivot HOW we are pitching brands, and what we are saying.

1. Be the Expert

Not every brand knows these stats I shared in pt.1 of this series. Not all of them understand ecommerce, or the industry and the current climate of influencer marketing.

I want you to do what I teach my students, and that is to “Flex your Influencer Marketing Knowledge”

  • This is going to show a brand that you know what you’re talking about
  • That you are professional
  • That you are in tune with what’s going on
  • That you will be able to adapt and provide the best return on investment (ROI) for them.

I go over this further when I show you the pitch script at the end. Don’t skip ahead though ?

2. Use personal Examples / Case Studies

Including successful examples from other collaborations or affiliate sales will show a brand that you can bring them value and ROI during Covid-19.

You can even ask the brands that you are working with to give you some stats from your current collaborations. These are great to include in your pitches! Brands want to be see real stats on what’s working.

Show them that things are still working, and that you are going to be an asset to bring on board.

3. Be flexible with your budget or offer discounts.

I am normally a stickler for sticking to your prices and having a set price in mind going into your pitch (if you want to learn about pricing and pitching click here) you are valuable and you are worth money.

But, I want you guys to be more flexible and offer discounts right now. You have to understand that not all brands are super successful right now, some have a lot tighter budgets.

A little good will goes a long way. If you can show them that you really want to be a partner with them, and you aren’t just in it for to make a quick buck; that’s going to go a long way!

This will usually mean a longer term partnership! Which is great for you.

  • That means more money!
  • That means recurring money every month, which is the best kind of money!
  • That means that you don’t have to pitch as many new brands to hit your monthly monetary goals.

Example COVID-19 BRAND PITCH (if you follow me, you know I love this product which is why I chose it as an example)

Good Afternoon {Contact Name},

I’ve used Isle of Paradise for over a year now, and it has worked wonders as an at home self tanning solution for me! Especially your tanning drops which don’t transfer on my beautiful white couch! I am an avid Mystic Tanner and use Isle of Paradise in conjunction with it. However, due to Coronavirus my salon is closed and I am relying on your products more than ever to keep me tan.

My online reach of over 35,000 people, 70% being females similar to me; love hearing about Isle of Paradise whenever I post about you guys. More now than ever, people are looking for the best at home tanning solutions and in my opinion it’s YOU!

As a RewardStyle/ partner we have been given updated stats on the current climate of influencer sales. They actually saw an increase of over 65% in usage and sales this month and their data shows that users are looking for #AtHome solutions.

I’ve recently worked with other beauty brands like Bare Minerals and Revlon. With Bare Minerals, I drove a 40% click through rate with $500 in product sales last week. Over the last 6 months, I helped them sell $2,000 in Bare minerals loose powder foundation.

I’m sure I don’t need to explain why your products are essential to women and men at home right now, and I would like to help deliver that message as a brand partner of yours. I have a lot of great ideas to help deliver the appropriate message to your target audience, showing the value, while also driving sales.

I would love to discuss a partnership with your brand further. Please let me know if you would like to explore this partnership and I can put together a full proposal for you to review.

You will find my attached Media Kit that has a lot more stats on myself and my platforms. You will also see a Case Study of my Partnership with Bare Minerals, which reflects stats from this month (amidst Covid-19).

If you have any other ideas for partnership I would love to hear them.

Talk soon,


I have bolded the parts of this pitch where I “flex some influencer knowledge”. There are more ways to do this, and more topics to talk about. You will never be able to cover them all in your first pitch, as it will be too much. I go over a lot more in detail in my course called “Land The Brand$“. However, just note-

  • Brands want to hear WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM
  • Include the stats and results they want to hear
  • Include current market trends and stats
  • Include your stats (Very important. Usually touch on a few and then attach your media kit which goes over them in detail.)
  • Include your audience demographic and show that it is also their target demographic.

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