The ONLY link in bio service YOU’LL EVER NEED.

Link in Bio Tutorial

You only get one chance to link in Instagram. Make it do more!

Yup. I’ve tried them all, and nothing compares to Disha!

Check out this 12 min tutorial!

You only get one chance to link in Instagram. Make it do more!

Why have multiple links?

Because if there are multiple places we want to send people, we need one place to do that!

  • If you have a blog: Link to your most recent blog AND your top 3 performers. This way people have choices of topics to look into.
  • If you have a YouTube: Embed the most recent video in your Disha Page
  • If you have a Website: Link it here
  • If you take calls: Add the “book a call” button here.
  • If you have an Amazon Affiliate store: Link it here
  • If you are working with brands: Link to their websites and have you code in the button description!
  • Link to all of you other social platforms here!

… The options are endless! Utilize this link service to gain exposure for the other important things off Instagram.

For influencers:

Brands will want to see that you are linking to things and sending your audience to other places.

ESPECIALLY if you don’t have 10k followers to unlock the swipe up feature in your stories, these multiple links are key 🔑

I would suggest at the very least to have 3 links that brands will like. Even if you don’t have any brands that you are working with, you want to link to brands.

Some Examples:

  • “My favorite Makeup” – with a link to your favorite makeup.
  • “My Favorite Workout Clothes” – with a link to your favorite workout clothes brand
  • “Must have tanning products” – with a link to your favorite tanning products

Why Use Disha

There are many different link services that have come about like, Link Tree, Campsite, etc. BUT NOTHING has done what Disha is doing!

Disha is made for creators! They allow you to:

  • ADD MULTIPLE BUTTONS: With multiple links
  • ICONS: Link to all of your other platforms
  • TEXT: Add any content throughout
  • IMAGES: Add images or Gifs
  • CAROUSELL: Add multiple images in a slider
  • LISTS: Text and images in list form
  • YOUTUBE: Embed YouTube Videos that can be watched right within your link page
  • IMPORT: You can import your links from Linktr.ee to make converting even easier!

You can also check all of your stats!

Sign Up

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