List of Influencer & Ambassador Scam Companies – Companies to watch out for.

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“Dm us, we want to collab with you”- a pretty enticing message if you’re an aspiring influencer and naive to the ambassador scams that seem to keep popping up on instagram.

Truly a great scam, because they are clearly working and TONS of you are falling for them. Which means BIG money for these companies at scale.

So how does it work? They simply pay a small amount for bots to comment on thousands of accounts per day telling you to “DM them to collab”. So, you DM them. They then give you a “discount” off of their overpriced products, promising an aspiring influencer the chance to be an “ambassador” and you buy. They make money, you get nothing more than a cheap product from China and no opportunity.

You then realize, YOU’VE BEEN SCAMMED. Don’t worry, even I almost fell for one of these.

Some companies are so shady, they just take your money and run. I don’t want any of you to fall victim to that.

After finding tout hat so many of you had been encountered by these “influencer scams”, I decided to do a bit of an investigation. I wanted to create a resource that lists all of the current scams that we are aware of.

There are many red flags that the trained eye can see, but if you’re new to this world, you may not realize. Check out my article “How to Spot Scam Influencer Programs” where I explain 9 different red flags to look out for.

If you have one that you would like to send in, please email the name of the company and a screenshot of their messages to you (if you have them) to: help@thedailyinfluencers.com

Here is the list of the different companies that have been sent in to us or found:

  • BFirst Apparel
  • Vaszmo Fashion
  • Brute Impact
  • Sygra Fashion
  • Bloggymary_shop
  • Paris Runway Ready
  • Ernest Martheo
  • Sunglass Galeria
  • Fashion Up Collab
  • Batigel
  • Be Just Strong
  • Krusader Fitness
  • Imperial Swimwear
  • Casefetish
  • Lofi Boom
  • The Naked Flaw
  • Chic Nyc Imposter
  • Pacific Swimwear
  • The Calibar Collection
  • La Venn√© Co
  • Swimclassy
  • Yello
  • Sincere Sally
  • Elora Jewelry
  • Atlantis Ice Shop
  • Livingstone Brand
  • Dazzling Swimwear
  • Dazey La
  • Pretty Girl Collections
  • Mirina Collections
  • Strive Athletics Co

There are currently 85 scams complaints listed on https://www.bbb.org/scamtracker/us if you search the keyword “ambassador”.

We caution you to be careful out there, but don’t be scared. There are Millions of great brands to work with. Don’t let a few bad apples scare you. Once you’re aware of what to look for you won’t have a chance of being fooled by these ambassador scams.

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