How to Successfully Pivot & Sell as an Influencer or Affiliate During Covid-19

(Pt. 2 of the series)

There is a lot of confusion about what to do since Covid-19. So confusing, that most people froze and stopped producing content… and income. Noooo!

Influencer Sales are actually up, as consumers are using online shopping now more than ever. There is truly no better time to be an influencer! However, we can’t act business as usual. We want to be sensitive and pivot, in order to be successful in the current climate.

What You Need to Do:

1. Be careful how you say things and stay sensitive to everyone’s different situations.

You want to make sure that you are being sensitive to all situations. We are all in different situations due to Covid-19: some people are doing better than before, most are doing worse. Some lost their jobs, some had to work from home. Some have kids they are having to homeschool while juggling everything else. Some people are scared to death of the virus, some are not… you get the point.

Make sure that you are sensitive to all situations, even if they don’t resonate with you and the people around you. You do have people in your audience who are in completely different situations as you, so just be really careful how you say things.

2. Pivot what you are sharing to meet current needs and trends

People are living in a completely differently reality. Most of us are at home, some of us are out already (depending on where you live). But, we are all shopping for different things. Some examples:

For fashion content:

  • Loungewear: Really popular due to the fact that we are all at home and want to be comfortable.
  • Tie dye: This is just really trendy right now.
  • Joggers: Same idea as loungewear
  • Slippers: Again, people are seeking comfortable stay at home gear!
  • Spring Clothing: Seasons are changing and people are looking to refresh their wardrobe once they can get outside (soon).

Home Decor:

  • Home office: People are realizing that they are going to be working from home a lot longer and they want to make a great at home work space.
  • Patio Furniture: Due to social distancing, the only outside most people are seeing is their own patios and backyards. They want to spruce them up and make them a lot more comfortable.
  • Desks: People are getting serious about actually buying big office pieces of furniture.
  • Home decor in general: People want to make their current all day everyday living space nicer.

3. Businesses are running discount sales. Keep track and be a resource for saving money.

A lot of businesses are running discount sales right now to drive more sales and offer consumers an incentive.

Something that you can do is keep track of these sales. That way you can offer value to your audience, and become the resource for where people are spending money and saving money.

If you are using an app like Liketoknow.it or any affiliate network, keep an eye on sales that are running for popular products you share.

Have you stopping pitching brands for brand deals? They need you more than ever, but you just need to pivot your pitch. Learn more in the 3rd part of this topic HERE.

These are all great ways to pivot your content and messaging to reflect what is working right now. This will generate the most sales for yourself, your brand collabs, and also be most helpful for your audience. It’s a win/win for everyone!

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